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The posts from the fk_fanfiction comm on LJ have been ported here. The fandom (as sleepy as it is) is more active on DW, hence the moving of posts. :)

I'm going to be doing some work on the comm, so pardon the dust in the meantime, k?
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I'm obviously Never around as much as I would like to be. I'm thrilled this community is thriving, especially since the FK DVD Trilogy was just re-released on June 1, 2010.

Who would like to be elevated to Maintainer? These individuals would organize tags, memories, format, and 30 minute challenges, and alliances with other communities. Please PM Me?

Now that other FK communities exist on the LJ, I would like for this one to get 'with it' and at least link to them, and vice versa.

I'm also curious about more cross-over stories involving FK character. Several communities set up '100' tables, be they drabbles or longer fictions, where people claim a crossover or non-crossover pairing (romantic or not). Could we do the same here? Can anyone help me set this up?

BTW, a new vampire show, called 'The Gates' is premiering on June 20, 2010. It's filmed in Shreveport, LA. I thought you might like the heads up. It's part of ABC's new Summer Season: Barry Caldwell edited this commercial - http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGatesTV

Love is Forever,
Forever, Knight
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I'm sure most of you are bored to death and beyond death with the current desktop theme. Anyone up for the co-mod/maintainer job? I'm going to try to inject some life into a few communities under my care, and I'm more than aware that this is one that needs some updating.

Please reply to this thread with any ideas?




Sep. 12th, 2005 07:19 am
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Welcome to the Forever Knight Fanfiction and Challenge Community! Please Sign in, and join when you have the chance. If you have any questions, just voice them here! Thank you!

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Hey there! This is just a temporary background. In the meantime, here is something to ponder: What if Natalie pretended to let Nick think his hypnosis worked when he met her in the morgue? What if she didn't confront him about 'testing' her on the street the night portrayed in Season One, 'Only the Lonely'? Would Nick continue to 'hang around' or enter into law enforcement? Would Natalie start her own investigation into real life vampires?

Consider this Challenge #1 for the 30 Minute Fic Exercise--so, go write some fic! No pressure!


P.S. I adopted icon from wallpaper found HERE. (10-13-05)

P.P.S. Not off the hook yet! This site is as baked as it is going to get before it goes up in flames from the sun! Now it's time to tell every FK fan you know about it and get them here! Hopefully, people will even participate. Remember, one-shots, WIPs, and original cross-overs are welcome!

October 25, 2005
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Please sign up; please remember this community is one day old. Posts are currently unmoderated, but I am watching. LJ accounts are free; however, you do not have to be a member to ask questions in response to this thread, or to give suggestions for the site. Some of the crossover fics will most likely include characters from movies, books, or even comics. I do not know if they can still be archived in the major databases (fkfic2), so that is something I still have to find out. So far, this group has no official web page affiliation.

Again, any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please respond here and I will reply as soon as possible!



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