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I forgot to do this yesterday. Derp! Oh well, better late than never.

Here are, as promised, more of freaky_nerd's art that had been posted on the now-inactive fk_freaks comm. Be warned, one of them is not work or school safe due to partial female nudity.

Nine art pieces behind the cut. )

There'll be one more, special art post coming soon. In the meantime, check out her current stuff on Instagram.
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Yep. More of freaky_nerd's art rescued from fk_freaks. These are her sketches of Nick in various moods.

14 beautiful sketches of our hero behind the cut. )

More to come tomorrow. Again, make sure to show her some love over on Instagram.
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Almost done trawling the old LJ comms, and guess what? I found more art by freaky_nerd on the fk_freaks comm (which hasn't been active since 2012). There's enough to require multiple posts, so here's the first of 'em.

Seven lovely paintings under the cut. )

Show this talented gal some love by following her on Instagram.
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So, I rescued the pics from the LJ comm geraint_fans (which has not been active since 2015) and turned them into a neat series of collages.

Be warned: these things are HUGE.

Look behind this cut. )

Enjoy. :)
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Hey guys! Just dropping in to provide a little artsy reccing to your day. These two gorgeous sketches were made by freaky_nerd at the Nick/LC focused comm possessive_love, which has sadly been inactive since 2012.

Now, I might be a NNer, but I can still appreciate the loads of effort these had to have taken to complete.

Mine! )

I wish I could hate you... )

These days, freaky_nerd posts her art on Instagram. Click here to follow her.

As for those of you who are lurking, don't be shy! This is a place for you to post up all your FK stuff and squee with us! (And if you have any questions about whether something should be posted, just toss a quick PM into my inbox. I don't bite... well, not unless you ask nicely. :P )


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