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So, I've been trawling the old, defunct FK comms over on LJ, and at fk_icons I found a few (wait for it) icons. Of the ones that were posted, these were the ones that don't give a broken image error.

I decided to "rescue" them by gathering them into a nice, neat little folder under my Photobucket account. Credit has been given to the appropriate icon-creators, with my little notes tacked on & each creator of multiple icons has their own subfolder. There's a grand total of 82 83 icons in the fk_icons folder.

A quick sample:

Check out the iconage here.

I'm going to continue checking the old comms to see if there's anything else worth "bringing over." Which reminds me...

If you're a creator and you decide you don't want your stuff in my public Photobucket, just let me know via PM and I'll be happy to take it down. I don't want to upset my fellow fans; I'm just trying to preserve some of the best our fandom has to offer.
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