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Hi. I'm new but I HAD to take part in the challenge because work has been slow this last 30 minutes. I tried to challenge myself with this one, not only with the 30 minute timer, but also with no dialog. I tend to get too wordy once I had people chatting.

Title: A Separate Beginning
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Um, it's AU, obviously. I guess it would be best if you've seen Only the Lonely and Amateur Night.

And on with the story... )
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Title: One for the medical books
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of icky autopsy stuff
Pairings (if any): none
Author's Notes: AU (assumes that Nat only pretended to let Nick hypnotize her), also probably in progress.
Summary: Natalie finds a very unusual victim in the morgue.

One for the medical books )
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Hey there! This is just a temporary background. In the meantime, here is something to ponder: What if Natalie pretended to let Nick think his hypnosis worked when he met her in the morgue? What if she didn't confront him about 'testing' her on the street the night portrayed in Season One, 'Only the Lonely'? Would Nick continue to 'hang around' or enter into law enforcement? Would Natalie start her own investigation into real life vampires?

Consider this Challenge #1 for the 30 Minute Fic Exercise--so, go write some fic! No pressure!


P.S. I adopted icon from wallpaper found HERE. (10-13-05)

P.P.S. Not off the hook yet! This site is as baked as it is going to get before it goes up in flames from the sun! Now it's time to tell every FK fan you know about it and get them here! Hopefully, people will even participate. Remember, one-shots, WIPs, and original cross-overs are welcome!

October 25, 2005
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